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Avocet Keys

Find the best-quality locks and keys from Local Emergency Locksmith London – for your peace of mind

Local Emergency Locksmith London is an official supplier of Avocet products for your property.

You might like to consider their one key solution, for example. Every lock in your home can be operated with just the one key – even your sheds and gates! And for businesses, the benefits are easy to see: a master key holder can open all locks with one key, whilst other key holders can have access to certain locks only.

Local Emergency Locksmith London is proud to be a distributor of Avocet products, a brand that the police are happy to recommend. Avocet’s locks have all been designed, developed and tested in the UK, and they provide extra security and peace of mind.

Or you could think about asking Local Emergency Locksmith London to fit Avocet’s ABS Snap Secure Locks. They are the only locks available with a patented snap-secure device that will effectively lock the central cam in place. The technology totally blocks access to the door lock case and is the best protection possible against a snapping attack.


House Keys

It’s definitely worth considering another security feature of Avocet’s ABS locks, which is that you get total control of who has access to the keys for your property.

As an official supplier of Avocet products, Local Emergency Locksmith has the authority to cut Avocet keys for you. When your ABS locks are installed, you are supplied with a key card which has a unique key code for your locks. You then register your keys on the ABS corporate web site and you are then able to get your keys cut in the future by visiting an Elite key cutting centre, such as Local Emergency Locksmith locksmiths.

Security Keys

Only Elite centres like Local Emergency Locksmith London have access to the door key security data, and they will ask you security questions that you have entered into your key registration form to ensure that only you, as the correct key holder, can get your keys cut. In fact all of Local Emergency Locksmith’s locks are top quality, branded names. Ask Mike and his team about the other well-known brands that they stock, such as Yale, Millenco and Lockmaster.

Local Emergency Locksmith London is also the place to go for the most up to date car key-cutting equipment. Bear in mind that it’s definitely a case of “a stich in time saves nine” with car keys. Consider for example the scenario where you buy a second hand car that comes with only one key. Don’t leave it to chance: get a spare cut before you lose the original! Having a new set cut without an original to work from is far more expensive.

You might also want to make sure that the car’s previous owner doesn’t visit your address with a key they’ve held on to with the intention of unlocking the car and driving away. The same is true if you have your car keys stolen from your handbag. Why risk a thief turning up at your house one night, having found your address in your bag, and casually unlocking your car and driving it away?

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